Les locaux de SITIA

Who we are ?

TREKTOR, SITIA’s innovation for the agricultural transition

SITIA is an industrial SME, created in 1986 by engineers fond of innovations. Our company is structured around applied research aimed at transferring technologies from laboratories to industry. Our team of experts, composed of engineers, researchers, and specialized technicians, allows us to make very complex machines accessible to non-specialized operators. SITIA’s innovations accompany manufacturers in their quest for improvement and productivity, all over the world.

Our test rig activity

In the area of test rigs, SITIA works for major brands in the automotive, aeronautical, agricultural machinery, and naval sectors (Renault, Airbus, John Deere, etc.). Thanks to its multi-sectoral approach, SITIA stands out for its technical vision which leads it to question and answer the most advanced industrial issues.

Robotic innovation

In 2010, SITIA creates a robotics innovation department which relies on our know-how in the design and manufacture special machines. For more than 10 years, we have been inviting robotics in the design of our test benches to bring adapted and innovative solutions to our customers.

Listening to our customers and guided by their evolution in the world of robotics, our teams quickly realized that our multiple expertise met the needs of the agricultural world. Accompanied by public and private partners, our teams have been working on the development of TREKTOR since 2014. From the beginning, the aim was to create an autonomous hybrid tractor that could meet technical, energy and societal challenges.


A continuous improvement approach with TREKTOR Lab

Involved in scientific and industrial research networks since its creation, SITIA has created TREKOR Lab for universities, research centers, agronomic institutes, etc. TREKTOR Lab is a TREKTOR that allows researchers to access the raw data of sensors, and to take control of the machine guidance through a dedicated ROS interface.

The development teams using this interface can very quickly test their algorithms, processes, implements or sensors in real situations. We then propose to industrialize any innovation relevant to the evolution of the TREKTOR by finding an economic model.


SITIA & its parteners 

SITIA is a member of several competitiveness clusters (EMC2, VEGEPOLYS) and at the initiative of several collaborative R&D projects (PRIMABOR, PUMAgri).

SITIA is a founding member of the RobAgri association, French association of agricultural robotics.

SITIA is a member of AXEMA, the agricultural machinery manufacturers union.