TREKTOR, the autonomous rechargeable tractor in the field

TREKTOR for viticulture

TREKTOR for horticulture

TREKTOR for your agriculture

TREKTOR for the agricultural transition

TREKTOR is the first autonomous tractor versatile in tasks, crops, implements and ready for digital implements.

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Work autonomy

TREKTOR is equipped with various sensors dedicated to navigation, perception, localization, and maintenance.


Energy autonomy

Its electric motor, which is recharged by an on-board diesel generator, allows it to work alone for 24 hours.



TREKTOR s’adapte aux outils en utilisant vos outils existants. Il est prêt également pour les outils numériques.


Increased safety

TREKTOR’s CE certified technology has been developed to ensure the safety of farmers and their crops.

Meeting the challenges of today’s agriculture

As an tool for the agricultural transition, TREKTOR brings an answer to real challenges related to the labor shortage, the optimization of productivity and the reduction of the carbon impact within the farms.

Energy efficiency

TREKTOR is committed to a low-carbon approach by reducing the carbon footprint of your agricultural activities. TREKTOR saves at least 50% of fuel compared to a conventional tractor of the same power.

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Precision & work rate

Thanks to its electric motorization and its on-board thermal engine for recharging, TREKTOR allows you to achieve a high work rate by combining the efficiency of electric power with the autonomy of diesel. TREKTOR performs very precise work over a long period of time.

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Autonomy & simplicity

Easy to use, you set up your implements as usual. In complete safety, TREKTOR does the work without a driver. It recharges while working up to 24 hours without interruption.




TREKTOR’s versatility

Its variable height and track allow TREKTOR to adapt to different types of crops. Track and height are configurable on all models.

« Agriculture will be the first place of application of autonomous vehicles » SITIA, 2014

Since the beginning of the TREKTOR project, SITIA has aimed to provide farmers with a versatile and autonomous machine able to use their implements while being easy to use.

All the teams of SITIA have as a daily objective to propose to the farmers a machine able to carry out precise works while being energy efficient.

TREKTOR en viticulture